The defending double world champion led from start to finish, bar the pit stops, to establish himself as a strong favourite for a third consecutive drivers' crown this year. Behind the two Red Bulls, two-time champion Fernando Alonso continued to make light of his 41 years by storming his way to a rousing third place for Aston Martin in his first appearance with the team since succeeding the retired four-time champion Sebastian Vettel. Watch: Elderly Man Trying To Take A Perfect Pic Of His Wife Melts Hearts Online great post to read Along with the video, the caption reads, "Love=Efforts What a wonderful display of love at Adiyogi." great post to read A video has surfaced on the internet which shows an elderly man trying to click a perfect picture of his wife. The cute moment between the couple is winning hearts on the internet. great post to read Posted on Instagram by Yoga With Kush, the video shows an elderly man attempting to click the perfect picture of his wife in front of the Adiyogi Shiva statue in Tamil Nadu. For the shot, the man bent down to click his wife while she blushes. The woman's adorable reaction is also captured in the video. great post to read Along with the video, the caption reads, "Love=Efforts What a wonderful display of love at Adiyogi." great post to read The video was posted 6 days ago, and so far it has collected 6.6 million views on Instagram. A user wrote, "This just made my day. Thank you." great post to read "There is something sweet and lovely about this. Can't express but makes your heart full," the third user wrote. great post to read "This is the kind of relationship, trust, bond, love, moment I want," the fourth user expressed. great post to read Meanwhile, in a similar video, an elderly couple was seen struggling to take a selfie in a metro. Their efforts and the cuteness in the video are winning the hearts of many on the internet. great post to read In the video, the duo attempts to take a picture but fails. The woman assures her husband that they will be able to take a decent picture before they deboard. The man keeps trying but to no avail. In a few minutes, just before they reach their destination, they stand up and get their perfect picture. great post to read Max Verstappen Wins Season-Opening Bahrain Grand Prix As Fernando Alonso Shines World champion Max Verstappen claimed his maiden season-opening victory and first at the Sakhir circuit on Sunday when he led Sergio Perez home in a dominant Red Bull one-two at the Bahrain Grand Prix. It was his record-increasing 356th race in Formula One in a career that started 22 years earlier, to the weekend, in Melbourne at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix.

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Alfanet Yazılım
Alfanet Yazılım